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Thursday Night After Work Cruise

The San Francisco Spirit


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We all enjoy being a part of a great event, but it all starts with a great venue. San Francisco's known for having some of the top nightlife venues in the country, but on any given night you may run into quite the crowd. Lets face it, we get tired of being in crowded places, so when you're ready to have a great night out, it's time to opt for an alternative space that's a bit different from others. Now, we all know that the weekend really starts on Thursday. Sure, a lot of folks opt for having their weekend kick off on Friday, but Thursday's when the real party commences.

That's why AfterWorkCruises.com is giving the San Francisco crowd a weekly event that they won't let pass them up. Each and every Thursday beginning in June and ending in October, the Thursday Night After Work cruise aboard the San Francisco Spirit Yacht is just the ticket you've been in search of. This phenomenal vessel will welcome aboard up to 550 guests to enjoy a cash bar and live music served up by a live DJ. Get ready to take in the best views of Treasure Island, the Bay Ridge, Lights Nob Hill, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful San Francisco skyline. There's no denying that this event features great entertainment. Now it's up to you to see what it's all about.

Boarding: 6:00pm
Departing 6:30pm
Returning: 9:30pm

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